Friday, November 7, 2008

Update - Animating on 2's Keith Lango approach.

Very interesting read it.......

When I'm doing strong cartoon animation I'll work in mixed 1's and 2's.
I have developed a MEL script that allows me to work at 12 fps (2's) first.
I'll work there, usually on 2's, occasionally on 4's for longer holds.
Then I switch to 24 fps to give me the extra frames to work with where I can add extra drawings for when I need to work on 1's.
The MEL script switches the timing from 12 to 24 fps, but it doesn't allow the computer to create any additional inbetween 'drawings'.
So when the switch is made there are more frames, but each drawing is held for 2 frames.
I then can use the second frame of the hold as a place to add an additional drawing to inbetween down to 1's in spots. (note: it's a LOT easier to show than describe in text. And what I call a 'drawing' people in CG call a 'key').

Keith Lango

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