Thursday, March 19, 2009

Animation Insiders

Animation Insiders is a series of books dedicated to animation. These books are a compilation of know-how, experience and anecdotes from talented animators. Each book will explore a new theme and the vision of talented animators on that theme. Animation Insiders is aimed at people who are passionate about animation, those who are looking to surpass their limits and acquire new techniques. The concept is that each book will have one subject shared by the top animators on this particular subject.
Animation Insiders is an book that will go beyond the basic principals of animation. Animation Insiders is a tool to learn from the best animators.

Jason Ryan
Supervising Animator at Dreamworks Animation SKG

Pablo Navarro
Character Animator, Animation Director

Jason Scheifler
Head of Character Animation at DreamWorks Animation

Mike Nguyen
Director at july films, Character Animator

Pedro Blumenbaum
Animation Director at MG Animation

Shahar Levavi
Character Animator at Weta Digital

Emilio Gorayeb
Animator at Lucasfilm - ILM

Kathleen Quaife
Owner of Quaife DesignWorks, Instructor at Academy of art University

Ana Maria Alvarado
Character Animator at Warner Bros

Jason Martinsen
Senior Character Animator at Ilion Animation Studios

Anthea Kerou
Character Animator at Sony Animation

Gabriele Pennacchioli
Animator, Story artist and Designer at Dreamworks

Victor Navone
Animator at Pixar

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